Vinyl Flooring

Information on how vinyl flooring has become a more desirable flooring option.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl has been in the marketplace for years and has evolved and improved in quality. Older vinyl floors may have been prone to cracks, scratches, and scuffs.  

You will be pleased to know that grandma's flooring of yesterday and today's vinyl are not the same due to many improvements in the materials. This type of flooring has come an awful long way.

This kind of flooring is now known as resilient flooring due to the advancements in technology. The finish of vinyl is that of a matte finish. Today's technology made this flooring more durable, resistant to high-traffic areas, mold, moisture, and mildew, making it ideal, especially for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry areas.  Vinyl is easy to clean up as a result. 

The materials of today come in a wonderful array of colors and designs. If you opt for vinyl, you have your choice of planks, tiles, or sheets. This product now mimics higher priced materials such as ceramic, wood, and stone. 

Vinyl can be very affordable and installed over your old floor. This type of flooring is manufactured with a cushion underneath, creating a comfortable material to stand on, and proving warmer in the colder months. 

There are high-end and low-end products in every arena; this flooring is no exception. Categories include inlaid and printed. 

Printed Tiles 
• Numerous patterns with a thin paper top on a thin tile surface
• Covering includes multiple layers of clear urethane acting as a protective coating
• More affordable
• Less durable

Inlaid Tiles 
• Tiny granules on the backing
• Heavier texture
• Extremely durable
• Scratches and mishaps less visual

This type of flooring is available in full rolls of sheets, solid or luxury tiles, and planks. Vinyl has made much advancements throughout the years, thanks to our technologies raising the quality and functionality of this amazingly affordable option.

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