Types of Carpet

Information on the types of carpet to consider for your lifestyle.

Types Of Carpet

Arguably the most multifaceted flooring option for a home owner to consider is carpet flooring. With a vast selection of materials, textures, patterns, and colors you can be sure that there is a carpet for you. The three most common carpet styles are cut, loop, and combination pile carpet.

In general, home owners frequently choose cut pile carpets for their rooms. This type of carpet has pieces of yarn that are cut along the end. There are five major types of cut pile carpet.                

Velvet: Dense, level-cut pile of untwisted non-heat set yarn, incredibly soft
Cable: Thick yarn is used to create an a loose informal appearance
Shag: long length yarn that can crush and mat easily
Frieze: Uses highly twisted tufts and surface curl that allow it to be mat resistant
Saxony: Durable carpet that is heat set to provide a tuft appearance
Loop pile carpet has the capability of hiding soil and is tough enough to handle heavy foot traffic. This makes loop pile carpet ideal for busy areas. There are two types of loop pile carpet.

Level Loop: Contains loops that are the same height to provide a smooth and even appearance.
Multi-Loop Pile: Consists of different pile heights to create a patterned effect.
The combination pile carpet combines elements of the cut and loop styles. There are three primary styles of combination pile carpet.

Random Shear: Cut and uncut loops of different heights to create a luxurious surface texture
Level Cut and Loop Pile: Provides cut and loop areas of the same height
Tip Shear: Similar structure as random shear but has a less pronounced texture

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