Laminate Flooring

A durable flooring option to consider for your lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

One of our goals here at Carpet One Floor & Home in Tucson, AZ is to help each customer feel as though they are making an informed decision. With so many different flooring options, that can be an overwhelming task. Any member of our dedicated staff will try to understand your needs and what option may be best for you. One option you may consider is laminate. Several layers are combined to create a durable product that may be perfect for you home.

Wear Layer

This top layer is a transparent layer that protects the laminate floor from damage. This layer is made with Melamine Resin and Aluminum Oxide. The wear layer is designed to go head-to-head against the toughest of competitors. It can even have a textured feeling to give the presentation of being another flooring option, such as oak.

Decorative Layer

This middle layer allows your floor to have a photographic image displayed over it. The display image can be anything from hardwood, stone, grass, or even sand. The image you decide can help you establish the feeling you want in your home. The texture provided in the wear layer will allow the laminate piece to feel like the image they are portraying.

Core Layer

The core layer is able to support the piece of laminate as a whole. The core layer is also drenched with resin to ensure help ensure the product is as sturdy and water resistant as it can be.  This layer allows laminate to be able to withstand any heavy foot traffic.


Laminate Flooring also has some of the fastest and easiest installation processes. With its “click and lock” procedure, installers will be in and out of your house quickly. The installation also does not use any common chemicals or toxic glues.

If laminate flooring sounds like the right option for your lifestyle, or you would like to explore some of our other options, visit Carpet One Floor & Home today in Tucson, AZ or give us a call at 520-329-4833.

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