Custom Area Rugs

Information on custom area rugs.

Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs can make a great addition to any room or home. You have ability to choose an area rug to meet your exact needs or specifications. Some of the main benefits to consider are:

Warmth for Underfoot

During the cold months, your area rug can provide warmth and a soft break-up from your hard surface flooring.  This will prove useful as it helps offset the cold feeling that your hard surface flooring may have.

Noise Reduction

While many hard surface floors are prone to acoustic echoes, are rugs can absorb sounds into their fibers! The extra layer of flooring can also help prevent noises transferring from on level of flooring to another.


Regardless of which hard surface flooring you currently have, an area rug can assist with extra protection in your home. This flooring option can prevent slipping and falling, as well as provide a soft cushion for those who do fall.

Enhancing the look of the Room

One of the great things about owning a home is that you are able to set the tone and mood with the décor you decide is best. This can also be passed on to your future area rug as well. You have the ability to make your area rug ‘Pop’ and be the star of the room, or you can have it placed subtly in your room to be an excellent accent piece.

Here at Carpet One Floor & Home of Tucson, AZ you are able to have your area rug custom made! We are able to cut and finish any carpet to your exact size specifications. Our professional staff will work with to make sure you are deciding on the best area rug for your lifestyle. For more information please visit us today, or you can call us at 520-329-4833. 

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